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How are the shippingcosts been calculated?

The shipping costs are calculated on base on the weight of the order. So you always get the most cheap and the fairest shipping cost

What are the payment options?

We offer a wide range of payment options such as:

PayPal PayPal-acceptatieteken


Sofortbanking Sofortbanking

What is the delivery time of my order?

Our goal is to deliver all the orders in a week after ordering. In times of increasing orders or for large orders it can take a few days more.

What is happening after i order?

You always receive an order confirming mail after you finished your order. 

We made all our candles in our own workschop. When we receive your order we start to make your candles and make them ready for shipment.

Can i receive an invoice for my order?

We Always make an invoice for your order, which is sent together with the order.

Can i order for b2b?

We are a candle producer so you can certainly order for b2b use.

Pleas inform by Phone ore mail. You can always use the contact page

How i use the candles for the best result?

Please follow the next basic rules for the good use of candles:


Always place the candle on a flat  solid base, out of air and heat source.

Leave at least 15 cm space between the candles.

When the candle is lit, let it burn for a few hours.

Trim the wick til 1 cm max when it’s required