Why rapeseed candles?

Looking for an ecological alternative to classic candles, i decided to take action and make my own ecological candles.

In search for the most ecological wax, i quickly found rapeseed wax.

Rapeseed wax is extracted from the rapeseed plant (Brasica napus). You have probably already seen the beautiful yellow fields in spring, as these are frequented visit by bees.
This strong plant with yellow flowers of the cruciferous family has been growing in European oil production fields since the 17th century.
It was mainly used in oil lamps. Later, the oil was used in many applications such as: food, biodiesel, lubricant, soap, margarine …
The oil is extracted by pressing the seeds. The rest is a high protein power for livestock and can be used as a substitute for imported soybean meal. The plant straw is a high quality soil improver.
The wax to make the candles is obtained by extracting moisture from the oil.
The fact that rapeseed is also produced near us clearly made the choice.

We continue the line!

Once I choose to go the ecological way, I want to extend this line as much as possible.
That is why, in addition to ecological rapeseed, I use as much as possible ecological perfumes and dyes.
For the decorations of our lanterns I look in my environment for an original natural decoration.
I also try to keep the packaging as ecological as possible by using recycled cardboard.

Own production

All candles are handmade in our own workshop. Small differences in size or color are characteristic of a handmade product and give it an additional character.
The combinations of shapes, colors and scents are endless. You will already find a wide range in the shop. If you cannot find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to ask your question in the contact form.